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What are cookies

The website uses cookies. Cookies are small aggregates of text recorded on your computer for a limited duration and have the function of promoting statistics on web traffic or of signaling when a specific site or a part of it is visited, to distinguish between them visitors in order to provide personalized content, to help site administrators and the user’s browsing experience. Through the use of cookies downloaded to your device we cannot access other information present in it. Cookies cannot load codes of any kind, carry viruses or malware and are not harmful to the user’s device.

User consent

By connecting for the first time to any page of, the user will see a brief information on the use of cookies. By closing this information through the appropriate button or continuing to browse, the user consents to our use of cookies, in the manner described in this Cookie Policy. The acceptance button also makes it possible not to re-propose the information banner in subsequent connections made through the same terminal. However, the user always has the option to revoke all or part of the consent already expressed. For any technical problem related to the acceptance (provision of consent) of the use of cookies on this site, you can contact us through all the means made available by the site.

What types of cookies we use

The site, whose owner is Andrea Guzzo, with headquarters in Via Ventimiglia, 202 – 10126 Turin (Italy), uses both persistent cookies (i.e. cookies that reside in memory until the user has manually deleted them or for which a long-term removal is scheduled) and session cookies, which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are automatically removed when the browser is closed. On the website we use 4 types of cookies and below are the details and indications on how to manage your preferences in this regard.


Cookies released by

These are technical / session and navigation cookies. User consent is not required to release this type of cookie. This type of cookie is used, for example, to keep a browsing session open or to allow the user to access any reserved areas of the site or, again, they can be used to temporarily remember the data (e.g. texts) entered during filling in a form, when returning to a previous page during the same session. These cookies are essential for the site to function and allow the user to browse and view the contents. Any deactivation of this type of cookie would lead to general malfunctions of the site.

Technical / functional cookies

These are cookies designed and downloaded on the user’s terminal in order to allow easier navigation. The operation of this type of cookie does not compromise the general functioning of the site but makes navigation less comfortable. User consent is not required to release this type of cookie. An example of a cookie belonging to this category is the one in which the preferred language is specified by the user. If this cookie is removed, the user can continue browsing the site by viewing the pages in the default language.

Technical cookies / consent

It is the cookie that is released on the terminal following the consent given by the user to the use of cookies on this site. After consent, thanks to this cookie, the information will not be repeated to the user on subsequent visits.


These are cookies not released by

Statistical cookies (Analytics)

They are used to collect information on how users navigate on our site. This information is analyzed in aggregate form for statistical purposes only. These cookies are not necessary for the purposes of use and navigability but help the managers / owners of the site to offer ever better content and browsing experiences based on the results resulting from the analysis of the statistics. To release this type of cookie, the user’s consent is required. uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway – Mountain View – CA94043 USA, which uses cookies to collect and analyze aggregate information relating to user navigation. Nor AZ S.p.A. nor does Google associate your IP address with other data in their possession to identify you directly. The information collected is processed by Go systems.

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